Headshot of Becca Lory, CAS, BCCS

BECCA LORY HECTOR was diagnosed on the autism spectrum as an adult and has since become a dedicated autism and neurodiversity advocate, researcher, consultant, speaker, and author. With a focus on living an active, positive life, her work includes autism & neurodiversity consulting, autistic quality of life research, public speaking engagements, as well as, teaching her course, Self Defined Living: A Path to a Quality Autistic Life, and her related seminars. Becca has published multiple articles and books about life on the autism spectrum with the goal of spreading acceptance, building understanding, and encouraging self-advocacy. She spent four years supporting the autism community in the non-profit sector in her work for grass-roots organizations that provide resources and services directly to individuals on the autism spectrum, leaving only to open her autism and neurodiversity consulting business. An animal lover with a special affinity for cats, Becca spends most of her free time with her many animals, her husband Antonio, and their Emotional Support Animal (ESA), Sir Walter Underfoot. Sir Walter Underfoot travels, does woofing engagements, and has his very own Instagram to help share with the world his life as an ESA to an autistic adult.


When Antonio Hector Jr. isn’t helping his partner in life and work, Becca Lory, run their consulting business, he can be found out and about with their Emotional Support Animal, Walter. As Walter’s main handler, Antonio shares the richness of the autism community and the epic greatness of the human-animal connection with all he meets.


Sir Walter Underfoot is the very special and awesome, super-pup, Emotional Support Animal (ESA) for Becca Lory and Antonio Hector. When he isn’t providing proprioception on demand or keeping his humans grounded, Walter can be found playing with his fur-sis Penny or any of the other six feline fur-siblings in his pack. When not busy with others, Walter spends his free time, sniffing grass, napping, and chasing balls. While sniffs are his favorite, this renaissance dog is known for his chill demeanor, general happiness, and his big ole floppy ears.