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How to Live an Aligned Life While Autistic

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This article was originally published on Geek Club Books. Living in alignment is all about making choices that work with each other and with your inner spirit, or who you are at your core. If you are working toward a goal, making choices that are in alignment with that goal is the only way to get there. When you’re living in alignment, everything feels like it flows smoothly, and it may even feel like everything is simply “falling into place” with ease.

It is clear that living in alignment is a great way to live, but it is definitely not easy. In today’s ‘loud’ world, it can be near impossible to filter out all the noise from society and find your core self. Because of this, many of us are not living in alignment with our true self. But, with a little effort put into self-awareness and understanding your personal brand of autism, you create a life that is very much in alignment with your authentic, autistic self and it the results will show themselves in everything you do.

In an ideal world, you would have an innately intuitive sense of whether you are, or not, living in alignment with yourself. But it is definitely challenge given the volume of the world around us. Fortunately, there are some guaranteed ways get yourself in alignment and to keep it that way. It is just going to take a little effort before you can reap the rewards.

Ready to get your life in alignment? Here are some great ways to begin:

  • Set & Maintain Boundaries:

Think of boundaries as the bumper guards in bowling. We put them up to keep the ball from veering off the lane. Set your boundaries to help keep you aligned and maintain them to ensure that others respect them, as well. Like a bowling ball, boundaries help you stay in your lane and keeps others out.

  • Regularly Practice Gratitude:

I realize I talk about practicing gratitude often and that’s because it is so, so, so, important to remaining mentally well and in alignment. Having an attitude of gratitude keeps you mindful of the present, your perspective clear, and allows for making aligned choices.

  • Embrace Your Strengths:

Nothing keeps us aligned better than the things we are good at and the things we enjoy. By exploring and enjoying your strengths and passions, you will further understand your authentic self, allowing you to align them with your goals.

  • Live Authentically:

Commit to living as your authentic self and remind yourself that you are unique. There is only one you, and when we honor our unmasked nature, we are truly living in alignment with our best selves.

  • Take Care of ALL of You:

Keep in mind that living in alignment means caring for the package that you come in. Make sure you are practicing spoon management, eating well, sleeping well, and having joy. Both our mental health and our physical health need to be priorities if you want to live an aligned life.

Nobody said creating an aligned life would be easy, but it is most certainly worth it. Now is the time to be deliberate and start living a life that is alignment with your authentic self to guide your personal and professional decision making so that you are living an aligned and thriving life.

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