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Thanks so very much to the Sponsors providing Scholarship Seats to my 3-unit virtual course ‘Self-Defined Living: A Path to a Quality Autistic Life’! These folks have made the difference for autistic adults that are alive today and looking for more out of life than just mere survival. Through thier generosity, autistics who are dealing with financial hardship are being gifted a seat to a course that gives them the tools they need thrive, and the motivation to get started creating their own quality autistic life.

Advocate Level Sponsors

Roger J. Jou MD, MPH, PhD is a psychiatrist and researcher at the Yale Child Study Center whose work for the past 20 years has focused on autism across the lifespan.  
Dr. Jou’s background in psychiatry, public health, and medical science has shaped his non-traditional approach to improving quality of life using diverse simultaneous strategies.  To this end, he founded Community Autism Socials at Yale (CASY) in 2014, providing free social-recreation, education, and support for American autism communities.  The program is now known as CASY Sparks Autism Innovation & Discovery (or simply CASY Sparks) to reflect the transformations made over the years and especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.  The program supports prudent physical distancing by promoting robust “distance socializing” made possible by a nationwide online community.  CASY Sparks describes the unique and energetic way CASY strives to improve lives of autistic people across the lifespan, regardless of their physical location, through developing new ways to connect like-minded people and supporting autism research that is both relevant and impactful to improving lives today.  
Come join us at or follow us on social media @DrRogerJou  

Inclusionist Level Sponsors

Kristie Patten PhD, OT/L, FAOTA
Chair and Associate Professor NYU Dept of OT

Kristie Patten is a professor and an ally. Someone who believes in transforming all aspects of society and shifting the paradigms on inclusion, disability and access. Thankful to know so many real experts on living their best neurodiverse lives! 

To learn more about Kristie’s work click here!


Kelly Mahler

“Most of all, though, I want my clients themselves (and people everywhere) to feel more understood. To feel more effectively supported, and to be more successful at identifying and managing the way that they feel. I want people to feel safer in their environments and within their bodies. I want them to be able to live a life full of purpose, meaning and joy. That is what sets my soul on fire!”
To visit Kelly’s website click here!


Cynthia Baseman

I’m a writer from Southern California. I live in Los Angeles between the Pacific and downtown LA. I am an Emmy-nominated producer and the author of a memoir, an illustrated history and a series of Young Adult novels. If you’re a reader or writer on your own journey and enjoy a good story, please visit the blog.
Visit Cynthia’s website here


Andrew Komarow

Andrew is the Founder of Planning Across the Spectrum and specializes in helping any self-advocating client or families with autism and intellectual disabilities. Andrew is a passionate advocate for autism awareness in his community and for his work as a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP™). He has always worked toward helping his clients gain financial security now and for their future. Putting both of these interests together, Andrew was inspired to launch Planning Across the Spectrum.
Visit Andrew’s website here

Ally Level Sponsors

Ilia Walsh
Executive Director

Ilia Walsh stands as the Executive Director of SSG.  With over 25 years of experience in training and education working with adults and children, Ilia is a veteran in her craft.

Ilia has been a corporate trainer for such organizations and conferences as GE Capital, Morgan Stanley, UBS PaineWebber, Massachusetts State Department of Disability Services, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), AANE Connections Conference, and over 1000 Administrators, Faculty & Staff in over 150 school districts in Massachusetts and New York.
To learn more about Ilia’s work click here.


Yes She Can

Yes She Can Inc. was founded in 2013 by Marjorie Madfis, a mother of a teen girl with autism, after  retiring from a 30 year career in corporate marketing. 

The mission of Yes She Can is to help teens and young women with autism spectrum disorders and related social and learning disabilities develop transferable job skills to enable them to join and be successful in the competitive workforce.
Click here to visit the Yes She Can site to learn more!

Collaborator Level Sponsors

Kathy Culhane-Shelburne

Friend Level Sponsors

Jodi Murphy
Alycia Halladay Ross
Barry Prizant PhD, CCC-SLP
Elaine Meyer
Audra Sisak

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