SDL Seminar Series

Self Defined Living: Seminar Series

Our evolution as autistics, and humans, is perpetual. That means that the learning must be, as well. Thus, I introduce the Self Defined Living: Seminar Series! This virtual series has an in-depth seminar for Autistic Adults on topics that directly impact our quality of life.



This seminar will cover the who, what, where, when, and, most importantly, the why behind Autistic Masking. We will cover topics like masking exhaustion, the purpose of masking, and how to begin unmasking in favor of an authentic self. (originally recorded April 2021)


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This seminar will cover the ins and outs of disclosure. When to disclose, why, and to whom will all be covered, as well as, when and where to NOT disclose, and the impact disclosure can have in our lives. (originally recorded April 2021)


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This seminar is all about self care. We get loads of info about self care out in the world, but how much of it is relevant to the autistic experience? Almost none. Autistic self care definitely looks different, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. (originally recorded May 2021)


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Decision Making Decoded

This seminar is about decision making. We will cover what goes into making decision, how to tackle a decision, and some of the common pitfalls and traps we put in our own way. There is a way to make a good decision as an autistic and we will cover it. (originally recorded June 2021)


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This seminar is about building boundaries that actually work for you. Setting and keeping boundaries is an essential skill for living a happy life. This month I’ll talk about why boundaries are so important and how to build and maintain the boundaries in your life. (originally recorded September 2021)


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Time and Spoon management is the secret to creating a balanced, sustainable autistic life. Join me this month for some practical tools for handling both, along with some of the reasons we struggle to maintain a balanced, authentic, autistic life. (originally recorded October 2021)


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