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Self Defined Living Course

Are you ready to step forward into your authentic self and create a life that you don’t need a vacation from?

Much like inclusion, thriving is not a destination.

Self-Defined Living is about creating a customized path to a quality autistic life for you and creating the habits that fortify your focus and keep you aligned with your authentic self. Together, we will tackle how to move from surviving to thriving in small, actionable steps while also defining for yourself what your life should look like. Through a candid, private self-assessment, you will begin to understand that your wants, needs, and preferences are not just valid but also attainable.

You won’t know the moment you arrive, and the bus doesn’t stop there either. Quite simply, one day you will be following all that you have learned in this course, and you will notice yourself smiling from the inside. That is thriving, and this unit you discover that thriving is an action word. If you want to keep this thriving life of your creation, it’s going to take some maintenance. Unit 3 is chock full of what it takes to stay on your path, how to sustain your pace, and why it’s important to recover with grace from the inevitable curves in the road. Your final lesson is all about the act of thriving.