Self Defined Living Virtual Course

Self Defined Living: A Path to a Quality Autistic Life

Are you ready to step forward into your authentic self and create a life that you don’t need a vacation from? My guess is yes, or you wouldn’t be curious about this course. ‘Self Defined Living: A Path to a Quality Autistic Life’ is a three unit, virtual course designed to help you create your own thriving autistic life. Each unit is comprised of an hour-long video webinar, Units 1&2 come with 3 downloadable companion exercises, and Unit 3 comes with a 30 minute mentoring call with Becca. Additional 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with Becca are available to you at an additional, but discounted, cost as a registered student.


The next LIVE version will begin in February 2022

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Introductory Webinar:

Self Defined Living: Creating a Life You Don’t Need a Vacation From

How do you define “success”? What does a “happy” life mean? Autistics often find that society, family, cultural norms, or even a boss define what makes life successful, acceptable, and even happy. In this webinar you will learn what self-defined living means and some simple techniques that I use to help autistic adults redefine their lives. These techniques help with setting goals and give autistics the opportunity to be their authentic selves while creating their best thriving life possible.

This presentation, and the Q&A that follows, include my personal experiences creating and living a self-defined life and the advantages that this kind of life provides. Techniques for living a self-defined life will be discussed and encompass areas of both daily and interdependent living that usually present challenges as traditionally defined. You will hear the benefits of using wellness-based techniques, such as mindfulness and meditation, and the importance valuing your needs and preferences, all while learning how essential creating a life you don’t need a vacation from is for living a quality life as an autistic adult.

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Unit 1: Stepping Forward (9/15/21)

Unit 1 is where we begin, and it is appropriately called “Stepping Forward”. In this unit, I will ask you to metaphorically step forward into your best self and your best life. We will cover the path to a quality autistic life and how to start your journey. Using the principles of Self Defined Living, we will tackle how to move from surviving to thriving in small actionable steps while also defining for yourself what your life should look like. Through a candid, private self-assessment, you will begin to understand that your wants, needs, and preferences are not just valid, but also attainable. As you begin your path to a Quality Autistic Life, please remember, every step counts. Yes, even the small ones, like registering for this course.

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Unit 2: Fortify Your Focus (10/20/21)

Now that you have the basics down for the changes you are looking to make, it is time to ‘Fortify Your Focus’. In other words, you have begun the process of stepping into your purpose and creating your best life, but now its time add in details that reinforce your goals. The concepts and action steps covered in this unit are the tools you need to set your goals and to keep yourself moving forward toward your best possible life. Unit 2 is all about creating the habits that fortify your focus and keep you aligned with your authentic self.

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Unit 3: The Act of Thriving (11/17/21)

Much like inclusion, thriving is not a destination. You won’t know the moment you arrive, and the bus doesn’t stop there either. Quite simply, one day you will be following all that you have learned in this course, and you will notice yourself smiling from the inside. That is thriving, and this unit you discover that thriving is an action word. If you want to keep this thriving life of your creation, it’s going to take some maintenance. Unit 3 is chock full of what it takes to stay on your path, how to sustain your pace, and why it’s important to recover with grace from the inevitable curves in the road. Your final lesson is all about the act of thriving.

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